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Keeping Abreast of Plan Loan Rules

Fall 2016

Fun with Forfeitures

Summer 2016

A Fresh Look at Your Form 5500 Filing

Spring 2016

Determining Retirement Plan Compensation

Winter 2015/2016

A Plan Fiduciary’s Responsibilities

Fall 2015

The Right Combination for Your Retirement Plan

Summer (Special) 2015

The Best Plan to Drive Your Retirement Needs

Summer 2015

Automatic Enrollment for 401(k) Plans

Spring 2015

Year End Compliance Testing Overview

Winter 2014/2015

Hardship Distribution from 401(k) Plans

 Fall 2014

Ready or Not, Here it Comes…the PPA Plan Restatement

 Summer 2014

The Continuing Evolution of the Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan.

 Spring 2014

Cross-Testing: The Right Tool for Many Jobs

 Winter 2013/2014

 How Do You Spell Relief? E-P-C-R-S

 Fall 2013

 Under Control or Out of Control

 Summer 2013

 When Good Loans Go Bad

 Spring 2013

 IRS: Letterman Top 10 List of Corrections

 Winter 2012/2013

 Surviving an IRS or DOL visit

 Fall 2012

 Fiduciary Fact or Fiction

 Summer 2012

 The Final Fee Disclosure Regulations Have Arrived

 Spring 2012

 At Your Service…

 Winter 2011/2012

 Participant Notice Requirements

 February 2010

 More Coming Soon…